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Feel Good Fitness was founded by Nick Myerhoff and Rick Keller in 2012 after a one day epic snowboarding adventure which left the two partners bound at the hip. Both aging fathers with sports injuries, an affinity for fitness and a loathing of the typical gym experience.

Rick is the successful owner of Feel Good Bakery in Alameda which is a sustainable, natural, community focused business. “Everything we do at Feel Good stores is a reflection of our lifestyles. We live in harmony with the environment and the people we serve.”

Come to Feel Good Fitness on Lakeshore Ave in Oakland and see what Power Plate vibration training can do for you in just 25 minutes.

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3 thoughts on “About Us

    • Hi Chris-
      Thank you for posting your question.
      YES! Power Plate is one of the best ways to recover from this type of invasive surgery.
      I have had three ACL reconstructions on my right knee. Power Plate has been one of the best
      ways to rebuild strength without adding stress to the joint. Come and and meet with us and see for yourself.

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