Feel Good Fitness featuring private and semi-private strength building, weight loss and general whole body exercise programs in just 25 minutes.

Located at 3411 Lakeshore Ave¬†Grand Lakes Oakland. Free 1 hour parking across the street at Trader Joe’s. CALL 510-625-1367

Rick Kellner: 415-613-7411

Nick Myerhoff: 415-812-4450

Jennifer Sobel: 510-326-3933

Matt Corcoran: 610-764-7312

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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I tried to sign up for another class using my $35 ( 2 left on it ) but all I got was directed to the page that asks me to sign up for various packages. I don’t want to do this until I have used up my coupon. I’d like to attend the 7am basics class on Friday Feb15. Let me know what I need to do

    • Hi Roberta, I believe you are all set up with your coupon classes. Get in the studio and start to see the amazing results. Our 7AM class is awaiting you!

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