Purchase semi-private and private training packages here

Individual semi-private class: $35
10-Pack: $199
20-Pack: $349
50-Pack: $750
Unlimited classes: $249/mo.

Individual Session: $50
10-Pack: $450
20-Pack: $800

Think of all the time you will save with a 25 minute work out instead of
a typical 60 or 90 minute routine.

7 thoughts on “Pricing

  1. Are you going to extend your schedule. I would very much like to book some sessions for my husband who has had a coupe of knee injuries. But your sessions are kind of in the middle of the day. A 9am class would be a great addition!!

    • Hi Maija-
      Thank you for your interest. Yes we are adding classes all the time. We invite you to come in and meet with us and we will schedule a time that works for you. We look forward to meeting you and your husband. We have already added a Wednesday evening and early morning class. Eventually we will be opened 7AM-7PM M-S. Nick

  2. Your studio and signage caught my eye and would love to learn more about power plate work out. Unfortunately my schedule does not permit me to come by on the week day before 5:30 PM. Do I have to sign up to for a class to understand body plate workout. I am interested in strengthening my core and reduce cellulite around my thighs. Please let me know the best way to learn more about the equipment and workout/benefits. Weekdays best option is post 5:30 and I am more flexible during weekends.

    • Thank you Nicola-
      I have scheduled you to come and and see for yourself. Thank you for taking time to investigate. Power Plate is a great way to stay fit and avoid injuries. We have an evening class for you and you will see weight loss results within a couple weeks. Nick

    • Hi Nicola, thanks for finding us and giving us the chance to get you in the best shape of your life. We look forward to helping you achieve all your fitness goals. You have been an excellent and committed client, keep it up! Bring some friends with you for a free full body 25 minute work out.

  3. I am interested but have arthritis in my feet and ankles. I like the small size of classes. Like the people above, I would be interested mostly in evening classes. Is there a time I could come to see whether this would work for me?

    • Hello Jenn, thanks for reaching out. The short answer is “yes”. Power Plate has been proven to increase circulation and help with arthritis by increasing flexibility. We are opening up two new evening classes on Monday and Friday. Please email directly if you have questions, or call the studio to come in for your free first class.
      Thank you,

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